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A – Z Round up


The Challenge has finished and I have had a few days to reflect on how I did.  The observant amongst you might have noticed that W, X and Y were actually absent and I promise during the course of this week to remedy that as the posts are actually in drafts and just need finishing off.  I will then update the tab at the top of the page providing links to all this years posts.

I really did enjoy the challenge of course some letters I was spoilt for choice while on others I confess to struggling.  I will certainly be doing this again and might even start thinking about certain letters ahead of time next year.  I have so much respect for those who picked themes and stuck to them rather than the pot luck I served up.

These challenges are just that challenging they force you to plan ahead and to work to the outline of others – a little like writing in general.  I really need to get stuck in as I have been drifting a little lately I have had other things from real life on my mind by I am beginning to realise that I need to learn to push these distractions to one side and focus as one would for any other job and this challenge has been a good exercise in starting to learn how to do that.

I hope you enjoyed the journey and maybe you will join us next year.

5 thoughts on “A – Z Round up

  1. I’ve watched A-Z for a few years now and people always seem really into it for the first few weeks and then It seems to fizzle out -as in reader interest. What do you think?


    1. Hmm hard to say as it was my first time, I found I did get a few people join in following my posts from the A-z challenge but that could also be the result of joining a writers fb group I found I only had time to visit a few blogs myself as a reader and I still have a couple of posts in my email inbox to read, overall from a writing point of view it was an interesting challenge I will do again


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