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V is for Verne


Not Jules but my facebook friend Laverne I am not going to go into the life changes she has made recently that is her story but this is my tribute to her bravery and honesty.

Courage comes in many forms

It faces many foes

To stand head held high and be yourself

Is harder than one knows

Some say that it is a choice you make

But that cannot be true

For the only the choice you’ve made

Is simply to be you.

We cannot chose the path we walk

Only pain from its refusal.

We cannot be what others want

Though we may try to please.

Only heartache awaits for everyone

If we lie to ourselves and all.

If I could have made a choice

I would have picked a simpler road

I would have been who you wanted to see

I would never have chosen to hurt

But I am me, this person you see

The one I tried to hide.

And if you take the time to see,

And get to know me

You’ll know why this is right.


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