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Q is for Queen


Are we talking the band? Or royalty? Nope we are talking me, a fellow blogger Rhonda affectionately labelled my as the queen of hearts, sadly she was not thinking Princess Diana but rather Alice in Wonderland, yup my friend thinks I am a power mad tyrant. Infact this is how she sees me…

25919_10200418533736779_1200560390_nwe decided the final story behind it was as I have stopped smoking (yes am still resisting the urges) that I had confiscated her cigs and was refusing to return them.

The nickname has stuck between us and I know it was given affectionately due to the fact I can be a little bit of a control freak lol anyone who has followed this blog for a while knows that.  It also meant she bought me the mug I am drinking my coffee from as I write this..


Life can be hard at times, we get stressed out, we get hurt, tired and frustrated, but if we can retain the ability to laugh at our selves then all is not lost, if we can find a way to laugh in the darkest of hours we cannot be defeated, and if laughter can be mingled with our tears then we know we can survive.

8 thoughts on “Q is for Queen

  1. *Curtseys to her Majesty*

    I’m not a control freak and I’m no Queen (if I said I was and you could see me at this moment you would point and laugh at such a ridiculous claim) but I can always see the funny side and I usually get what I want.

    All hail Girl Power (just not the Spice Girls’ definition of it) 😀


  2. As women I feel we’re all queens of our homes. We reign over the mess of our children and spouses. We reign over the meals to be cooked and the house to be cleaned. Control has it’s good points 🙂


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