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P is for Poetry

20130210-230657It is not surprising this should crop up on a writing blog for the letter P but hell I have to be predictable at some point.

The thing is I look back and most of my poems have a theme running through them and that is loss, with the exception of the kissing one the other day and a couple of others most of my poems tend to be quite depressing, but I think I know why.  I tend to write poetry by hand rather than write it on a computer at first and where I write influences what I write.  Now of course some have been tributes for people that either I have known and lost or they are the loved ones of friends, I was going to make a point of writing some nice poetry but then another P word has reared it head today and spoilt my mood ‘parasite’.

I can’t comment on what has happened and I don’t know all the facts lets just say the police are involved as are some sick individuals, it is hard to remember not to feed the trolls but these ones I would like to see publicly humiliated maybe it is time to bring back the stocks in the market place

3 thoughts on “P is for Poetry

  1. I agree; where and how you write does influence what you write..And it is easier to cope with several possible substitute words scribble din the margin of a sheet of paper than on a computer.


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