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O is for OMG and other Exclamations!


Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…well it won’t be me I am guilty as most of us are for random exclamations and text short cuts,  I confess I lol and occasional Lmao and very very rarely I roflmao.  I know it is lazy, a quick easy way to convey emotional responses to humour, the same way OMG demonstrates, surprise, shock or disbelief.   The thing is it would be very easy to dismiss them simply as text speak and having no value but is that fair, when you think about books, TV series and films they are littered with catch phrases we know that the use of which will immediately be recognised as having a specific meaning.

So I decided to share a few of those catchphrases which we know and love so well..

I have a cunning plan


EXTERMINATE!!! (Hilarious)


This time next year we’ll be millionaires…


I could probably go on for hours but now lets hear a few of yours, what sayings have automatic meaning for you??????

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