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M is for Mementoes

20130210-230657We live in a digital age and the reality is that for many reasons actual momentoes have become fewer and further between until we reach a time in our lives when we start to reflect on years gone by.

For our parents generation there were lots though the value of them was not always recognised, those hand written letters, postcards, precious photographs that could be held in the had or placed in a frame.  We went through the 80’s when interior designers encouraged people to throw away they knick knacks and curios and go minimalist, now photos are stored on computer, on the internet, messages are sent the same way and old fashioned snail mail suffers for its lack of immediacy.

But once the flush of youth has gone and we look back we begin to desire tangible objects that we can hold in our hands and that is where companies like the wonderful Bespoke Affairs come into their own.  Let me state I am not being paid for this I just happened to have met the wonderful lady who runs this small business via fundraising for Charlie I asked if she could donate and she was generous enough to say yes and is donating this lovely box like this one for the auction at Charlie’s ball…


Compared to some prizes it may not seem much but when you consider this is an amazing woman trying to bring up her kids plus set up a business on her own you realise that this is much more than a box it is symbol of support from one mother to another, the person who wins it at auction not only gets a wonderful box, they become part of a story, a story that links strangers not just around this country but around the world.

907256_10151568377473834_585881876_nBespoke Affairs sells loads of different things most of which are adorned with sayings and reminders of the need for us to reach out to each other and that in our interactions we create memories and the value of those we make,  I could not help but end up buying a book mark for my daughter and Freda generously discounted allowing me to grab one for myself…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy daughter chose the white one while I was pleased to end up with the black one as the sentiment means a lot to me, please feel free to take a look at Freda’s Facebook store here

After meeting Freda to thank her for her donation in person I went to meet me daughter with the rest of the family to have dinner out, I took a few minutes to sit in the sun and scribble a few notes OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbefore creating a few more memories of our own, I have seen a few photo frames I rather like so now to decide on which photos I want to pop in them. xx

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