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Gearing Up to Get back into the Groove

whitehaven beach Have in some ways had a really lazy Sunday morning sat around scrolling through the laptop but actually have been hard at work preparing to throw myself back into work mode at full pace tomorrow.  Many times when I have done a piece of flash fiction I have been lucky enough to receive amazing comments requesting more, now obviously getting Voices out takes priority you have all been waiting far too long for it and I can only apologise again but surgery, family issues and the fact it has taken me longer to recover than I expected have taken there toll far more than I have wanted to discuss on here as I above all else want to stay positive here and not allow the darkness which has descended recently to pervade this space.  Never-the-less via the lethargy it has induced it has but I have given myself a damn good talking to, and know the only way to get through this is to actively do something about it.  So to that end this morning I went back read through feed back on short stories and have sorted those to be worked on at a later date into short story collections so far there will be a second ghost stories, one of relationship pieces, one horror and one post apocalyptic/futuristic.  I still have a few other ideas and the Sunday serial may end up being reworked a little to make it into a novel/novella in its own right depending how I feel it goes.  I do feel a little better now having organised my ideas in such a way that when new ones come up rather than freaking out and stressing about what to do with them I know where they can fit in.  I also feel better in shelving the option of other novels and concentrating on short stories then just working on my trilogy in novel form, they I would still love to publish traditionally but know they need a lot of work for me to be happy with them or should I say it as only the first part is written, but the short story collections I am happy to self publish and hopefully if I can get my head round it it will mean you get more things quicker as all of them have a core of stories for me to build upon.

Anyway heading out for dinner with daughter this afternoon then will finish today’s part of the Dragon’s Mark when I get back.

Oh just a note for everyone with a Facebook page if you visit mine there is a picture there you may wish to share on yours and on your own Facebook page explaining why Facebook is making it hard for our posts to be seen and that only those who are actively involved with a page are receiving notifications.

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