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I is for Insanity.

20130210-230657I guessed most people would do imagination for this one so I wanted to different.

Only writers can openly discuss things which would get most members of the public sectioned without batting an eye lid at what they are saying.

We all talk about hearing voices, our characters living in our heads, we even at times complain about them refusing to act as we would wish.  If anyone else talked with such conviction about the voices in their head then you can be sure people around them would be taking action.

And all that is before we get to our imaginary friend the muse, you know the one who we spend hours searching for, post comments lamenting when she deserts us, and rarely we sing her praises when she delivers.

There is a fine line between writer and psychopath, a few may even be borderline only staying on the right side because they have writing as an outlet. When you consider the not only the voices but the visions and ideas that form our every day existence, you can begin to understand the insanity we live with to provide the reader with a good story.  So next time you read a book by you favourite author and think ‘how did the dream that up?’ be glad you are meeting them on the page and they have that outlet and that you are not meeting them alone at night in a dark alley.

10 thoughts on “I is for Insanity.

  1. There is a fine line between writer and insanity… I think we come very close to crossing it sometimes. At least… I don’t think that line’s been crossed yet…



  2. I have to say us writers get away with a lot–especially when asked and we divulge how these characters become a part of us, talk to us, etc. Have I crossed the insanity line? I’ll never tell!! LOL.


  3. Oh my goodness that cracked me up! ‘Be glad you are meeting them page . . . and that you are not meeting them at night in a dark alley. . . .

    It’s so true though! People think I am beyond crazy when I talk about the voices. But hey, what do you do? HaHA.

    Konstanz Silverbow
    A-to-Z April Blogging Challenge Co-host


  4. nope got lost again – I know it’s early but this machine is really beginning to. . .. ah well 3rd time lucky – Great post – what the world should be thankful for is the fact that our voices are very self centered only concerned with themselves and their own affairs – newbies, you get used to the voices after a few decades:)


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