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G is for Ghosts


For those who have been following for a while and know that my WIP is a collection of ghost stories it will come as no surprise I am fascinated with ghosts.  It has been a while since I went on a ghost hunt but it really is a fascinating experience.  I am going to share a few of the things I have caught on camera and I shall leave you to draw you own conclusions.

The first couple were taken at Bolling Hall in Bradford on a brilliant night with Prestige Paranormal – if you live in the UK check them out and see if there is one near you Sam and the team are brilliant.

The first two pictures are taken in sequence the first there is no sign of an orb, in the second one appears after a request is made for a sign.

386559_3128652902428_768800659_nThe orb is just below the celiing beam to the right of the photo.  Another taken in Bolling Hall shows some form of movement above the crib, I spent quite a bit of time trying to recreate this and work out what could have caused it unsuccessfully, one suggestion was made that it could be a hair but I can assure you that my hair was tied back and did not appear on any of the other photos taken from the exact same position at the same time both before and after this shot.


The next two were taken in a graveyard of a church with history back to the doomsday book, it is also the church I was christened in and where my granddad in buried, the graveyard there has always felt very welcoming but this particular day it felt more atmospheric than normal.



The final one was taken when I visited Chatsworth, I had just been looking at a gravestone that had no markings but was near to one for beloved dogs owned by the family.  There was no fire in the area, it was 2 pm in the afternoon and though it was November it was not overly cold and no breath was showing and before anyone asks no I was not having a cig as there was no smoking in the grounds.


So thats a few of my strange encounters now tell me yours….please check out my Fb page for a special ghost related question of the day and video


17 thoughts on “G is for Ghosts

  1. I strongly believe in them even though I try to forget when i’m alone at home. 😛 I’ve had scary experiences like a candlestand flying off of my window sill, hard enough to create a mark on the floor, my friend waking up with bruises, etc. That was not a good house, as well as more than one good and comforting experience, just what I needed at that time. It’s a double thing isn’t it..


      1. I think there are different types of hauntings I do believe in the stone tape theory where events leave behind a loop replaying traumatic events, but also that spirits loiter sometime by choice other times because they don’t know what is waiting, those I do believe know who they are but I do not think all have a grasp of the passage of time, I think some exist simply in their own sphere and they do not realise time has passed and a new world inhabits their space


  2. Interesting photos. Personally, this half of Towton lives by an old Tudor Mansion (Eastbury Manor House) which is reputedly haunted. Well, I certainly believe it is as I’ve seen the ghost standing looking out of the window she always does (as have friends and family members) on several occasions.
    I’m truly fascinated by them and people’s stories of weird experiences.



  3. Brill post gave me chills! I too believe in ghosts for a few encounters ive had 🙂 such as when we sorting my nans house i put the soap dish in one place and turned nxt thing i knew it was back where it was etc and many other stories 🙂 awesome pics we had one but its lost now 😦


  4. Cool post!!

    I believe in ghosts or spirits. I’ve seen them all of my life. I lived next to a cemetery when I was younger and my Mom thinks that is when I was opened to them. I never think to take out a camera, because I almost always see someone that I’ve known who’s passed to the other side and I am too excited by the chance of speaking with them again or I am shocked because they do look different although I know it is them. I’ve had some beautiful experiences seeing loved ones who have passed away and then having that conversation with me. I have a journal where I write down these experiences as soon as they happen so they are fresh in my mind. I know this is a gift.

    Thanks for sharing this post. I am following you now. And thanks for sharing my pics as well. Very kind of you. If you are on FB I invite you to join my writing group called The Writers’ Post and share your blogging links there. It is a group of many authors and bloggers… and we are sharing A to Z links there if you like. There is a badge which will link you to it on my site if you happen to go back and would like to join us.



      1. Thanks for doing that!! Those are beautiful. If I can I’ll find the purple variety here and photo them to compare the difference. If only I could go to the UK with my camera!! 🙂


  5. Hi Paula, I found this really fascinating. When my husband and I visited the UK in 2010 we tried to stay in a few haunted places. To our surprise the one that really had something was in a hotel on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. WE were kept awak all night with banging and strange rustling noises. Our room was not attached to any others so we know it wsa not happening next door! On one isde was the street, the other an open square.
    I have also attached a link to a story on my blog I wrote about ghosts in case you might be interested. http://gingerbreadaliens.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/a-renovators-delight-writingcom.html
    Cheers, Sandra


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