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F is for Fantasy and Fairy Tales

20130210-230657Just a fairly quick post because as most of you know I am stuck at work on Saturdays for the main part of the day, then there was a small horse race that everyone got rather excited about.

There is a fine line between fantasy and what would be traditionally considered a fairy tale, the latter is generally aimed at children and encompasses some form of moral guidance or lesson but really when you think about it the same elements are present in most fantasy.

Like all stories they take you on a journey but in many cases this is far more literal in fantasy, where many stories include a quest or characters taking long journeys across treacherous terrains.  The main themes behind both are that no matter what the struggle good will overcome evil and that there are consequences for those who fail to follow moral guidelines.  Even the characters that inhabit the two genres are the same though generally in the fairy tale they may wear a little more clothing and not be quite as seductive.

I guess in many ways fantasy is fairy tales for grown ups, a place of good and evil, darkness and light, magic and mystery, an escape from reality where lessons are taught and learnt with swords and sorcery.

2 thoughts on “F is for Fantasy and Fairy Tales

  1. I love reading children’s literature, really good stuff. You’re never too old for this type of reading material as, like you say, there’s usually something to learn from it. 🙂


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