D is for Dancing

20130210-230657Come on hands up who thought D would be for Duran Duran or Doctor Who, go on confess I know you did lol.

To be fair both of the afore mentioned D’s have caused me to do the D in the title on more than one occasion.  I thought I would do some thing I little different today..

Take my hand and lead me to the dancefloor

It doesn’t matter what dance we do,

A whimsical, whirling waltz

Or a raunchy, racy rumba.

A flighty, flirty foxtrot.

Or sizzling, sexy samba

As long as we dance to the same beat

The tempo does not matter.

A tempestuous, tawdry, tango

Or a quaint, quirky quickstep

Or a steamy, sensual salsa

Just keep the music going

All night long

3 thoughts on “D is for Dancing

  1. dancing is fun! so many forms.


  2. Dancing is a great form of expression and I like the way you’ve captured it in words.


  3. I like to dance around in my room when no-one else can see me (Sorry, think I’m paraphrasing Madonna’s ‘Get into the Groove’ there!).


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