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C is For Charlie


How could C stand for anything else than our little hero who has changed so many lives around the world.  I know many of your here followed Charlie’s journey with me and so wish it had had a different outcome.  It requires strength to create something positive from such tragic circumstances and that strength overflows in Charlie’s family.

They are in the process of registering Cords4LifeUk as an official charity and continue to fundraise to help promote the benefits of cord donation, I know by now all my UK followers will have signed the petition by clicking on the picture of Charlie at the side of this page but if you have a friend or two who you think would sign, share the link with them. I asked Joey Beard, Charlie’s dad what all the support has meant to them.

“1st of all thank u for doing it ……. The support we have received has been amazing and has really helped us as a family through a very difficult time”  Joey Beard

Charlie’s mum and sister along with a couple of family friends have been in the recording studio this week and have released a 6 track EP to raise funds to continue ensuring that Charlie’s Legacy becomes a reality.  Please go take a look, you can have a little listen before you buy to let you appreciate this is actually really good quality stuff.

http://rubberbandaid.bandcamp.com/   this is the link for the EP and warning when you listen to The Best Two Years have your tissues ready this was sung by Charlie’s amazing big sis Ellie and the words are truly heartbreaking yet you will find yourself smiling through the tears remembering this truly remarkable little boy taken far too soon by cancer.  I will post links at the bottom of the page for those who are new to this blog and have not read all Charlie’s story for now I will leave you with a taster which is just Kelly Worth (watch out for that name in the future) singing what has really become Charlie’s song and on the EP she sings this with his mum Fiona.

You can read more about Charlie’s journey on FB and support the family via Twitter @Cords4LifeUK

More details can be found on my interview with Claire Halliwell who set up the Cord Donation petition and on other posts here on my blog if you type Charlie into the search bar plus the lovely pic of him will take you straight to the petition if you click on it.

8 thoughts on “C is For Charlie

    1. it is so hard to listen to in some ways especially for anyone who saw the clip of Fi singing it to Charlie and heard his little voice laugh saying ‘again, again’


  1. When my daughter was born in 1996, we donated cord blood to a bank. The program was new then, and I believe we were one of the first families at that hospital to make a donation. Thank you for reminding me that birth, and life, are precious, and never to be taken for granted.


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