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B is for Books

20130210-230657What else could B stand for on a writers blog.  I have to say my TBR pile continues to grow at an ridiculous rate and I have to say I blame my kindle.  Now that may seem a strange thing to say but the TBR pile on the kindle is invisible it is easy to lose track of just how many books you have one there, especially with so many freebies to be had, it is easier to put in your bag therefore the TBR pile of paper copies remains static gathering dust until an offer in the supermarket or a book by a favourite author results in purchases to increase the pile in its quest to reach the ceiling.  And if I am honest mine could actually reach it around three times and be well on its way for a fourth.

Like wise blogs fill my inbox not because I don’t like reading them but rather because I love reading what my fellow authors are doing and am constantly hitting the follow button for new people I cross paths with, there are so many interesting people that the internet allows us to connect with that we never would have met back in the days before hashtags and email.

People have questioned whether in this age of technology the old paper format of the book is doomed but I think there is certainly space for both, in our computer driven world we can meet new authors try out their work, but there will always be a place for taking down that old familiar friend from the shelf and curling up in a lovers embrace with it.

8 thoughts on “B is for Books

  1. Exactly! I’ve just been researching this area (digitalization) this semester for an independent study program and I find it infinitely fascinating. As long as consumers ask for them, books will be produced.


  2. Great post, Paula! 🙂 I have to say, my TBR pile is huge. I have bought far more books that I’ll ever be able to read. But I love being surrounded by them! 🙂 Desmond (the puppy) has actually helped me to get back into reading more regularly too. I go to bed and read so that I can hear him instead of drowning him out with the telly! 🙂


  3. I’m the sole holdout for traditional books in my house. Everyone else has gone e-pub. I think you’re right–paper will always have a place in our world. But I think the nature of print will change. I suspect bound books will become a novelty, a collector’s item, and something sought out by a stubborn few.

    Like me.

    C: A Christmas Carol


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