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Voices Across The Void


Voices drift across the void

Calling out to home,

To those they left beyond the veil,

Next to whom they roam.

Silent pleas unheard by most

Witnessed by a few

Beyond the void they wait to be

Re-united with their loves.

Occasionally the veil slips

And through it they may pass.

For a moment worlds collide

Time stands still and waits.

You feel a deathly hush,

Then a message from

The one you love is finally


The voices from across the void

Are not all to be feared

Yet should you chose

Not to hear…

3 thoughts on “Voices Across The Void

  1. Nice work, Paula. I misread ‘message’ as ‘massage’ at first, lol! But it made sense when I read it back. 😉

    I hope you got my card in the post. Thanks again for your card, it was so, so lovely to read on the morning of my wedding. You’re such a sweetheart! x


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