Day 27 – A song you make fun of

I sat here staring at the screen thinking about this challenge.  There are songs that are amusing but usually there is some personal reason for the humour not always one you want to share.  There have no doubt been songs that I have made fun of down the years, or more likely artists and videos but none really sprung to mind. The only songs that I really can imagine have ever really truly mocked are those that are part of a great tradition which my American friends may never have experienced – yup you fellow Brits will have guessed it – the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST.
Now my choices are overwhelming where to start Bucks Fizz and the skirt ripping? Well no of course not I liked that one so lets pick two randomly

you have to get past the thirty second introduction on this one

9 thoughts on “Day 27 – A song you make fun of

  1. I’ve heard “Hard Rock Hallelujah” quite a bit, I think it is an awesome song. I like the music video.

    Oh look! A pop group that actually uses melody, how unlike their American (I’m a yank) counterparts who think melody is just going up and down in volume. I think this group’s name is kind of silly. I like quite a bit of Euro and Asian pop.


    1. the real premise of Euro vision is to be as silly as possible but now they have all gotten serious about it and it is no where near as fun to watch


      1. To be honest, I do not really know much about Eurovision as an event, aside from the various videos by past contestants, etc. that I have seen on Youtube (And an episode on Father Ted). Especially since it is something we are not exposed to much of here in the States.

        If it is as you have described it I would probably enjoy it more than watching drivel shows like the Idol shows (American or otherwise) or *Insert name* Has Talent (Although I did like the one Britains Got Talent with Jonathan and Charlotte.).

        There has been some music from it that I have heard that I have ended up enjoying.


  2. Oh god, Bonnie Tyler is representing the UK this year….


    1. so I guess we can guarantee it will be a belting out ballad


  3. I remember Lordi very well.


    1. I loved it which seems strange given the title of the blog but really isn’t that what Eurovision is all about, having a laugh a good night in with friends watching the show and shouting at the tv as the results come in,

      Am predicting UK will end in the 10 – 20 points range this year with bonnie tyler


  4. So, you DON’T look in the mirror and sing “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred???


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