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My World Catch up


Hello every one well, as you will possibly have noticed I have been hard at work here on the blog with several new tabs at the top of the page for my monthly round ups and my projects (though that is still a WIP by itself).  I have also finally joined up at Writers Cafe anyone wanting to friend me on there can find me here I really haven’t had time to look round properly but fully intend doing so when I get chance.

Today is World Book Day the monster was delivered to school dressed as a Gruffalo I will take a photo if he co-operates when he gets home.


And a quick reminder for anyone on fb pop over and check out my author page, not only do I occasionally post exclusive content there but you also get the chance to answer question of the day.  Todays is all about which book you think all teenagers should read.

I am starting to get my head round technology a little more now and for anyone seriously using twitter as a promotional vehicle can I suggest you check out tweetdeck, it has different columns to keep track of your feed and follows aswell as mentions, retweet and who the people you follow are favouriting and following, you can even set it to follow your favourite people or a hashtag which I think would be really good for those going for sales.

The 30 day music challenge is almost finished and it has been a lot of fun to do, as I thought about each one I recalled so many songs I had not listened to for so long there are still so many songs which I love and didn’t feature that I am considering finding a way to add them in occasionally.

I haven’t really done much in the way of writing exercises lately and my sensory journal has also stagnated both of which I really need to get back into, I have bought The Writer’s Block by Jason Retulak which looks interesting, for those who like their writing prompts it is a must have, I rarely suffer from what you would class as writers block mine usually is more an issue of focus, even as I try to finish this ghost stories collection more ideas flood at me and I can safely say I will never write the all.  To be perfectly honest they would totally confuse anyone following me as my ideas cross so many genres that if anything the reflect my reading habits far more than my writing ones but I am going to have a quick go at one tomorrow as part of my flash fiction though it would be great to see what others could come up with from the same idea as well.

Right time for a coffee before writing tomorrow flash fiction post xx

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