Day 24 – A cover song

Very rarely are cover songs ever done well, and there are some who would argue against my first choice given that it is once again my favourite band I really do love the original of this so I shall actually post both

The other is one of those genuis moments

While looking for the other I found another that I love

8 thoughts on “Day 24 – A cover song

  1. I’ve been following this with interest but until my stupid video thingy is fixed, I can’t access the clips – argh!


  2. I recently came across this cover Ellie Goulding did of one of Rihanna’s hits…so. much. better.


    1. I am not a huge fan of cover versions if they just do a straight copycat act but love it when they change it up like this


  3. Oh Paula…must we always make allowances for you? Duran Duran?


    1. are we gonna have our first fall out here? How dare you slight the gods? I sentence you to listen to the rio album until you recognise their genius 😀


      1. oh hell. and i mean that literally 😆


  4. That cover by Travis is great! But you gotta check out “Baby Got Back” done by the cast of Glee >> Hilarious!
    P.S. No – I do NOT watch Glee, but this song is too good to not share.


  5. There are some really, really great covers out there! Too many are just crap, really rubbish karaoke style ones – i.e. Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Maroon 5. But some are just brand new! 🙂


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