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Day 23 – A song that makes you angry

This actually took some thinking about.  If I don’t like a song I generally don’t listen to it long enough to get angry about it, infact really if music is getting you really angry then you shouldn’t listen to it. I had to seriously consider what winds me up and gets me annoyed, then I thought of one that really did wind me up.  In fact it got me so angry I won’t even share the offending record.  The song in question was Kim by Eminen and let me explain why I know he was young and given he got back with her after it he was just angry and acting out, but they have a child and to put a song like that out there where it will exist for ever was wrong as far as I am concerned along with the tattoo he had at the same time.  I do like some of his stuff so while I will not promote something I do not agree with will share another of his songs.

4 thoughts on “Day 23 – A song that makes you angry

    1. I understand been in pain and feeling the way he felt to an extent but to make it public and for those around him to encourage him rather than see the long term implications rather than the quick buck was just so wrong


  1. Rich and I listen to internet music while playing Nintendo. Eminem will come on, and although I like some of his stuff, sometimes I look at Rich and tell him that I wish the guy would see a therapist and quit using his music for his therapy. Some of it is just soooo depressing.


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