Vlog 4


Right just before we start apologies for the shot angle I just noticed the cobweb and the fact the lens is a little grimy round the edges – I will dust before next time I promise but didn’t have time to reshoot.  Also anyone worrying that my doggie gets smacked he doesn’t I just knocked the slipper he brought me knocked onto the floor lol the chewed slipper I might add. I have to run now to work but sorry as well for the multiple posts today just so much going on.

11 thoughts on “Vlog 4

  1. Ahh you are growing your hair out, I see now. ;D I love your setting, it’s cosy. You’re such a sensitive woman, relating to all those people.


    1. have something in mind just not quite long enough yet 😀


  2. I already have my bookmark~! And thank you!


  3. I don’t see a coweb! I get a BOOKMARK !!!! YAY ME! Just sent you a DM on Facebook. Love your accent!


    1. I shall go grab my silver pen and sign it for you aswell


      1. Yay!! I’m so happy! Thank you. 🙂


  4. I already have my bookmark too. 🙂 Which I loved getting in the post! 🙂

    You do these Vlogs really well. Can I ask a random question? Is that a Dr Seuss book you have on your shelf? I ❤ Dr Seuss!

    Great job of speaking so well about a really emotional topic. It's a great thing that you're doing with regards to Charlie. Such a tragic story. 😦


    1. I believe its Green Eggs and Ham we have most of them dotted around the house or up at his sisters flat 😀


  5. You’re not spose to tell us you have conwebs! I couldn’t see it 😉

    Ooooo, I have a bookmark! I’ll message you on FB.

    Great Vlog honey!



    1. got it hun will be going in post tomorrow xxx


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