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Day 17 – A song that annoys you

Hmm not sure about this one usually if I don’t like a song I don’t listen to it enough for it to get annoying.  If I go back to my teenage years this annoyed me as it was number one for so long and it seemed to be played everywhere I actually liked it when it came out but the repetition drove me insane.

Actually its not as hard as I thought because when I thought back to my youth two more jumped out at me and as it is annoying day I shall share both.

If you can forgive me I will see you tomorrow xx

6 thoughts on “Day 17 – A song that annoys you

  1. Songs that annoy me?

    Wet Wet Wet – Love Is All Around

    Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

    Aqua – Barbie Girl

    The Birdie Song!


    Tiger Feet

    Macarena – and I don’t care that Amy and Rory had their first kiss to it!


  2. Right now that song “Home” by Philip Phillips is bothering me. It is on every commercial on TV and plays every 10 minutes on the radio. Then, to really drill it into my head, the bookstore where I write plays it once an hour. OMG.


  3. This may surprise you, but I have no problem whatsoever with ‘Agadoo’. It always reminds me of primary school parties – as do Party Rings, those little iced biscuits. 🙂

    Yes, Bryan Adams was #1 for a frightfully long time – as was WWW’s ‘Love is All Around’. What pissed me off about the latter is just how many of their OWN tracks were really, really great but didn’t get this recognition… 😦 ‘The Birdie Song’. *cringe*

    Thanks for making me smile! 🙂


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