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Day 16 – A song that holds a lot of meaning to you – Plus Give Away Reminder and General Catch up

This is another that is a hard category pure and simply because there are just so many to choose from.  So for today am going to try to pick a couple of more obscure ones rather than going for obvious ones.


A reminder you can have the chance to win one of these limited edition bookmarks by leaving a comment over on this post here you have until Wednesday teatime to comment so get over there now it doesn’t have to be a long comment just say hello.

The other thing I really want to tell you about is a now segment that I am going to be starting about Inspirational People being involved with #CharliesArmy raising awareness and spreading the word about the petition has brought me into contact with some really amazing people who in the face of the worst realities any parent could contemplate have turned adversity into something positive.  They have fund-raised, promoted causes, started charities and above all supported others in their suffering.  They have fought not only for their own children but for all children at a time when most of us would be at our most selfish.  I hope you guys will get behind these people and show them how amazing the wordpress community is.

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