Day 15 – A song people wouldn’t expect you to like

Ohhhh preconceptions are so much fun.  I look like a mummy, I now dress quite frumpily as I have put weight on, and of course being the parent to a teenager means that there is always one person who believes I am as pure as the driven snow and have no post (amazing how they like to imagine hey were the immaculate conception).  These songs are more from my past in some ways and totally different but I still love them both.  First those of a nervous disposition or with fragile eardrums should possibly turn the sound down for those of you who appreciate either you will be turning the music up.

And I am pretty sure I don’t look like the typical fan for either of these bands



4 thoughts on “Day 15 – A song people wouldn’t expect you to like

  1. I especially LOVE the 2nd video! 😉 But who doesn’t like Steven Tyler!


  2. Owwwww nice 😀 I like the first song. See? You keep surprising >_<


    1. He is one of those guys you know you really should want to run a mile from given his past but damn he is just sexy and funny


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