Day 12 – A song that reminds you of your best friend

Of all the days I think this is possibly the easiest.  My best friend and I have one of those relationships where due to real life we don’t get to spend as much time together as we would like to, in fact at times we can realise a month or so has passed without speaking but we also know that if the other needs us they will be there.  We have held each other up through some of the most difficult times anyone can experience, there have been countless phone calls in the early hours, nights out, swapped shoes, borrowed handbags which never return lol but most of all there has been the knowledge that there is someone who I can tell anything and never be judged.  Don’t get me wrong we don’t always approve of what the other has done, we might even have on occasion given each other home truths that we didn’t want to hear but that is the reality of true friendships – they are not afraid to be honest with you.  So these are not my songs they are Anna’s my best friend and partner in various crimes throughout the years.

This second one actually has double meaning because is was one of her mums favourite records which was played at her funeral but also a song that Anna and her sister would dance about in their living room to and whenever I hear it I can’t help but smile.

2 thoughts on “Day 12 – A song that reminds you of your best friend

  1. That is the sign of a great friendship. Time.


  2. I love cha cha slide too, it reminds me of Turkey as the bar boys were continually dancing to this one!


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