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Voices Across The Void – Giveaway Time


Hello everyone, as you know soon my collection of ghost stories will be available for you to hopefully enjoy.  Right now I am just on another round of editing as there are still some aspects of the stories I am not happy with in fact one got severely hacked away at  as I decided I did not like where the story had gone and a different ending has come to me which fits far better.  I want to apologise to every one waiting so patiently I just hope you think it is worth the wait when you do get to read the stories

To keep you going here is a quick excerpt from a new story The Hospital


I should not be here! I was supposed to go but you held me here, now I am waiting for you. I saw the light, so warm and inviting, beyond it the most wonderful garden that I longed to step forward into. I tried to move forward but your love held me. I was not bitter just incredibly sad as the light faded and I remained.

I look over at you from where I stand in the corner of the room as you sit by the bed clinging to the shell which lies there.  You speak so softly, so lovingly, to the body which I used to inhabit.

I try to move away to walk from the room, at the doorway I meet resistance and can move no further, if I push against it I can force my head through the door to look at the corridor beyond.  Out there life continues, people rush to and fro some living some like me trapped here.  Neither the living or dead pay me any heed as I withdraw back to your vigil by my bedside. 


To go along with this I am giving away five bookmarks.


I had 50 of these bookmarks made most have been given away to friends and family but I have some left to give away to you lucky people.  Now how can you get one I here you ask – simple leave a comment on today’s post below for your chance to win.  There will be no more of these as they are as I plan on a little redesigning before ordering any more so you could say they are limited edition.  The winners will be placed in a hat and the winners drawn on next weeks video blog.

7 thoughts on “Voices Across The Void – Giveaway Time

  1. Vampire and the ghost are the imaginative creature with a characteristic of high speed, great intellegence and high lust of the blood. these creatures live forever. actually they are dead people or the creatures but they exists.


    1. Interesting, I am not sure I agree with the great intelligence I tend to think of both ghosts and Vampires of retaining human traits and that means while some are of course very intelligent that some are sadly as thick in their immortal life as they may have been in real life


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