Tuesday Reflections

Trying To Get Back in the Swing

195Despite the fact my dad remains in hospital and is showing erratic improvement at best I am trying to get back on track.  I have let much slip not only over the last couple of weeks but really since my operation, okay a few weeks of recovery were unavoidable but since I have found it hard to get back on schedule and into a nice flow.  It does feel at times like real life has conspired against me but I know that I could be better organised if I just took myself in hand so that’s what I am now doing.  I haven’t posted a recipe for a little while and that is partly due to the fact I haven’t made anything I consider interesting and  when I have been cooking it has been to fed people rather than for enjoyment.

Of course being half term here this week I have picked a terrible week to try to get organised on but I need to stop finding excuses to procrastinate.

The-Mysteries-of-Udolpho-1.480x480-75This is my biggest procrastination I pick it up look at it then replace it back on the pile.  For those who have forgotten where we were up to you can find the previous posts here but I will do a quick recap before I start reviewing again I really do hope now that our heroines dearest papa is dead the story will pick up speed, I have to say that I feel if this was published now it would not do as well let alone become a classic, in fact chances are it would never get published today given the amount of page given over to descriptive passages.

I have started the week quite well as I posted the review yesterday and am working on tomorrow WIP Wednesday post which will feature a give away.

I am still posting the 30 days of music and I have to say it has been more of a challenge than you would think.  It would be easy to make tenuous connections each day in order to just post favourite songs but I really am trying to give serious thought to each days question.

Question of the day over on the Facebook page is proving rather hit and miss but the answers I am getting are interesting so I intend to persevere if you haven’t taken a look click here to take a peek FB Like Page.

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