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Book Review – To Her Knees by Chantal C


This is a hard one to review for not because the author is a fellow blogger but because of the subject.  Erotica is such a subjective area what turns one person on may turn another off completely so bearing that in mind I can only review it with my own personal tastes taken into account.

My first complaint is that this is far too short I picked it up and read it in an afternoon and was certainly left wanting more.  I need to be careful here about how much I reveal as I am guessing this is one book that most have you won’t have read.  The central tension focuses upon that thing I think most people have experienced at some point unwanted attraction – now I am not talking someone fancying you that you don’t like back I am talking about that person you really really don’t like, you don’t want to like but somehow manages to make you get tongue tied and weak kneed in their presence.  It is the attraction that makes bad boys so appealing, that ensures awkward moments when confronted with an ex, the boss giving you grief that you can’t help wondering if he is as dominating in the bedroom as the boardroom, it is the arrogance of Mr Darcy in human form.  It is also more than that it is about the surrender of self – the placing your emotions in the hands of another even though your head screams against it – in some ways it is about trust and putting that trust in the one who has the potential to do the most harm.

The actually erotic parts are really well written but for me is is as much about the emotional dynamics as the physical act and for the most part it is really well written allowing you to get caught up and swept away with them.

There are negatives the first as mentioned previously is that it ends too soon at 42 pages it is more of a prologue than a novella and is frustrating in that the potential is there for this to be so much more.  Secondly it has to be said there are a few typos but I will say that the story is so good these can be forgiven and do not generally detract from the reading experience.

Over all I give it 4 out of 5 stars Iam detracting half a star each for the two faults I have mentioned

4 thoughts on “Book Review – To Her Knees by Chantal C

  1. Thanks for the critique. You were fair and honest and I appreciate that. Knowing the good and bad points will make me a better writer. I have plans to tell the rest of their story at some point. It’s only fair. Thanks again.


      1. I started the story to send in for an anthology, but that fell through before I could send it in. Ever impatient, I decided to publish it just to give people a taste of my writing. I enjoyed writing this story, but it is a tease. I’ll make it complete before the end of the year, barring disasters. Thanks.


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