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In Memorium

Charlie Harris-Beard

25/06/2010 – 8/02/2013

RIP Little Man


In the arms of the Goddess

Sits a small and broken child.

His heart heavy with sadness

For the pain of those left behind.

As she strokes his furrowed brow

She softly explains his plight.

That the pain would fade in time

But that from him a beacon shone

That travelled round the globe.

His legacy of love and light

And courage would be known.

As her hand swept over him

His illness washed away

That he should wait pain free

And lovingly watch over those

Whom he would see again.

The value of a life is not

Judged in terms of years

But the hearts that it has touched

The love it has endeared.

And if you doubt my son

The mark you left

Look down upon the world

And see the lights that flicker

The lights to guide you home.

In my arms you shall remain

Kept safe until the day

That your mummy comes

To take your hand and

Your family re-unite.

18 thoughts on “In Memorium

  1. Whew…our hearts are heavy, yet we cannot know the depths to which his parents and family must feel their loss…Thank you so much for bringing Charlie’s story to us…we in the blogging community owe you a depth of gratitude for allowing us to know him.

    Be encouraged!


  2. Paula, what a moving tribute to a splendid young man. Be thankful – his pain is gone, and he can now run and play like all the other kids. My prayers go out to Charlie, his family, and to you, his special friend. I’ve taken the liberty to re-post this in as many ways possible, so the rest of our little community can share in this time of sorrow.

    God Bless,



  3. So Sad. My prayers are with Charlie’s family and you, his wonderful friend. When a child is lost like this it makes you appreciate your well child a whole lot more. Thanks for allowing us the chance to know Charlie. Beautiful tribute poem.


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