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My Favourite Soup


First things first thank you all so much for your kind words my dad is on the mend now and though we may never know exactly what caused the complications am just thankful they have been sorted, poor little Charlie continues to put up an incredibly brave battle against not only the Cancer but also the Pneumonia which is holding up his chance of a possible miracle (a slim one we know but miracles can happen) for anyone on twitter Charlie’s parents have a twitter account also for his charity Cords 4 Life UK please give them a follow on @CordsforLife all we can do is pray and help raise awareness so others do not have to suffer this agony.

This is a soup that is so easy it is ridiculous, it takes a little time but is well worth it and the time it does require it manages fine by itself so you can do other things.  Roasted Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup.


First things first halve, de-seed and score a butternut squash. Place the two halves on a baking tray…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA then either drizzle with olive oil or for special occasions I smear with butter and pop in the oven gas mark 6 until roasted time will depend on size of your squash.


While that is roasting you can get the other half of the soup under way by peeling some sweet potatoes and boiling the kettle to make some veg stock.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Now I confess I haven’t used any actual measurements today as basically I was using up the sweet potatoes what I would say is that consider the actual size of your squash and match with potato then use enough stock to get it to the consistency you want, this soup can be very thick be warned so having extra stock handy to thin it can be useful.


Boil up the sweet potato and simmer until lovely and soft then once your squash is ready grab it from the oven.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATip away and drain any excess oil/butter then scoop out all the flesh.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABe careful doing this I know saying it is hot sounds obvious but the steam coming off it can get you just as much as the squash itself.  Once you have all the flesh out add it to the sweet potatoes and blitz it all up.  For an everyday healthy soup season and add more stock if required to thin it then enjoy but for a special treat add some single cream to make it even more delicious.  This really is a favourite in my house and is great to freeze – if you can hold onto some long enough to get it in the freezer.

9 thoughts on “My Favourite Soup

  1. Yum . . . this goes on the to-make list!

    Hey, I received your note and bookmark! Thank you, thank you. Watch your mail for a note from me. This time I have your address correct so hopefully you will get it.


  2. I’ve had curried roasted butternut squash soup and thought it was utterly deliciously. Wish I was more of a cook. Not a strong suit of mine.


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