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Stressed, Frazzled and Debating Sitting Rocking in a Corner

Have you noticed it never rains but it pours, no sooner than I posted that my little boy was ill with a bug that I then got and that I was struggling to get back into the swing of things than life threw another curve ball straight at me.

My dad had surgery on Friday, in fact the same surgery I had just on a slightly bigger scale he was in surgery just over seven hours. At first all seemed well the surgery had gone well but over the weekend there were severe post operative complications, I spent most of yesterday at the hospital. I have spoken to them this morning and he seems to have turned a corner but I am left feeling physically and emotionally drained, I can’t even imagine how my mum feels.

Today I am determined to get some writing done but before I go I know some of you will already be aware from following Charlie’s page that the brave little mite is really struggling right now and the chance of a miracle is draining away as he looks unable to attempt the trial drug which could save his life due to pneumonia.  Please if you have not already go over and like his page I know it is heartbreaking to see him as he is at the minute but that is the reality of childhood Cancer and his parents have been not only brave in sharing their story but also working so hard to try to make sure that other parents are spared this heartbreak in future. All we can do now is pray and let them know that they have touched lives around the world.  Charlie Harris-Beard

11 thoughts on “Stressed, Frazzled and Debating Sitting Rocking in a Corner

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling and I hope your dad feels better soon. As for little Charlie, I have been following on fb and my heart aches for the little guy and his family. He’s in my prayers every night. xx


  2. Sorry that you have had such a rough weekend. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that things continue to turn toward the positive for you and your family. As for Charlie I pray that he and his family find peace in whatever happens next.


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