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Something a little different Jennifer talks openly and honestly about a very difficult subject, it is hard to admit when your children aren’t perfect even harder of they can be a nightmare and you have to say those words no parents ever wants to utter – help I need help with my child – I know I am one of those mums who had to ask then shout to get help

Jennifer M Eaton

Hello.  My Name in Jennifer Eaton.  And I have a child with behavioral problems.

Whew!  Getting that off my chest is HUGE.  If you have a child with a behavior disorder, be it ADD, ADHD, or any of the myriad of other things out there, just admitting that there is a problem is a pretty big step in the right direction.

Since my youngest was two, he’s always been “a handful”.  We kept waiting for him to get out of the terrible two’s.  I used to joke about him still being in his terrible two’s at five.

At six, when his “bad” behavior started becoming violent… when his siblings began to get hurt, when he would scream at us and break things if he didn’t get his way…  When I was afraid to sit beside him… when I cringed in fear when my son came near … we realized we…

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  1. It’s so nice to see parents being proactive about topics like this. I see too many just ignore such behaviors, calling them “a phase” and hoping the problems take care of themselves. Thnx for sharing, Paula!


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