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Aching Hands

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When I was at school we would sit and write non stop for an hour at a time then a five minute break to walk to the next lesson, throw in home work and you can guarantee that a large proportion of the week day was spent pen in hand.  So why today do I need to stop every ten minutes to stretch my fingers?  Is it that I have just got old without realising it or is it that in the modern age we have lost the ability to write anything longer than a shopping list?

I know I am going wrong by using a normal pen and not one specially designed to be held while writing…

Wrong type of pen
Wrong type of pen
Right type of pen
Right type of pen

Obviously if I had the right type of pen my hands wouldn’t be aching after all they must have hurt like hell using all those cheap Biro’s in the past… that must be the answer.

The reality all joking aside is we all spend too much time on here – the computer, tapping away at the keyboard rather than writing in lovely flowing script, if we need to contact someone we send a message, text, tweet or email rather than invest time, energy and money in the old snail mail.  It may have taken me all day to write a dozen or so quick notes to people but I hope when the envelope lands on their mat or the pull it out of their mail box it will mean more than its electronic counterpart.

One of my resolutions was to write more proper letters this year well today I can certainly say that is one resolution I am up on.




9 thoughts on “Aching Hands

  1. Getting “real mail” these days definitely feels more personal. I’m sure your letter recipients will feel the love! Sometimes I also think that my fiction writing turns out better when I write it out first rather than type, although typing is faster.


  2. I make a point of writing, pen in hand every day. That said, I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve recieved a real letter letter in the mail. Years at least.


    1. I write my journal in pen each day (well since xmas) and I find I write poetry better with pen and paper I used to use notebooks a lot then lately it is something I have let slide but am determined to get back into it


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