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Writing Exercise And Why I


First before today’s writing exercise I will reveal the results of the poll for Sunday Story… well I am not so sure you guys really do like me you picked the genre I really didn’t expect – Romance.  It received 4 votes while Ghost Story and Fantasy received 3 each no one wanted a horror story not sure if that means you didn’t like my only attempt at it and all lied at the time to make me feel better (if you did thank you 😀 ) or if you all just think I am so warped that it would be just too scary week after week.  Because the vote was so close I think I shall add elements of the other two genres as we go along.  After I write this I shall go soak in a bubble bath with candles lit to get into the mood for writing some loving.

You may have also noticed that I did it! What? You didn’t? You are now at paulaacton.com not wordpress.com! Today I took the plunge and began down the road towards writing as a career rather than just a passion.  I finally paid for my domain and got the full Scrivener (it had begun trial again on new computer but I went for it despite having twenty plus days left.  I also ordered the bookmarks and some business cards – only a few because I am not sure on the design until I see them in the flesh so to speak. The down side is by actually taking this step I put pressure on myself to justify doing it.  Don’t get me wrong not to anyone else but to myself after all anything I spend on writing I take away from my family in one respect.  I know it is an investment but it is only justifable if I make it so.

That said now down to business! The exercise comes from…

518-ogA2vXL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU02_I have done a couple now and am really enjoying them although I am still trying to work out the best way to do the first one we discussed here.  So on to todays…


While I am sure plenty of fun could be had being invisible I would much prefer to be able to fly.

When I was younger I used to go riding, there is nothing to beat that feeling of your hair streaming out behind you as it blows in the wind and you canter across a field. Now of course health and safety would have a strop if you were caught without a helmet on unless you are a stunt man or a super hero!  Health and safety rules do not apply if you run round in your pants and can fly – I guess if you are invisible they may still apply but they can’t check up on you.  So my brain says if it was cool feeling the wind in your hair riding imagine how much cooler it would be flying through the clouds at high speed.  The freedom to travel wherever you wanted, you could see anywhere that you desired – fly along the Nile and watch the sunrise over the Pyramids then across the ocean and watch the sunset on Stonehenge before flying on and eating a midnight snack at the top of Mount Everest while watching the stars.

Okay this exercise was possibly more of a thinking exercise than a writing one but it was fun.  Now your turn I would love to see in comments what superpower you would like or why – or write your own post and link back here so we can all come see.

13 thoughts on “Writing Exercise And Why I

  1. Good luck Paula and congrats on the new address etc 🙂 . I always wanted a superpower that enabled me to speak and understand any language (but then I’m a bit strange lol)


    1. That sounds like a really awesome power, by the way. I never even considered anything like that but I guess it would be really practical.

      I like Paula’s choice of flying too, though. 🙂


  2. Congratulations on the new address! I hope once I’ve left school I’ll have the guts to take up writing as a profession as well as a passion. Buying the domain for my blog would be a great first step!


  3. I’ve never thought about what superpower I’d like to have. Maybe teleportation for those times I need to get away?


  4. I’ve always wanted the ability to see the future. Why? Because it would be amazingly wonderful to prevent horrible things happening to a person. I’ve always imagined that when I’d get a glimpse of the future it’d be because I touched someone; my fingers grazing theirs, bumping into them on the street, ect. Then I’d race against time to try to prevent the horrible thing that would happen to them. It’s a little bit Charmed-esque if you’ve ever watched the show! 🙂

    I am really like these exercises Paula! Eeep! And congrats on your domain! :))


  5. I voted too late, and I voted “other.” I saw your new domain name before I saw this post. 😉 And I love that you would fly along the Nile and over the pyramids and ocean, etc. It is sooo your personality. Congratulations on all of your steps forward!
    P.S. – You will be horrified to know that I love that same feeling of the wind in my hair, because I ride on our motorcycle without a helmet. I rarely pull my hair back, and I come home looking like a wild woman with one tangled mess to figure out.


  6. I do admire your dedication and determination.Hope it all pays off.
    I will think about the invisibility thing – does being invisible also mean being weightless and touchless? (Is touchless even a word?) You see, I never got to go riding as a kid – well only once – and I dream of that wind streaming through your hair feeling. I want to sneak undetected onto your horse and join your childhood rides. Needs a bit of time travel thrown there as well. Do these wishes come on a buy one get one free basis?


  7. Congrats on the Domain. That’s a great move.
    My power- some kind of precognition where I could predict what shares were about to take off so I could make a fortune. I could travel the world building wells and houses for those without. Perhaps I should just predict the lottery numbers?


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