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Sunday Story – Readers Choice


As promised next Sunday will see the beginning of a serial story on this blog each instalment will be between 500 – 1000 words and the number of instalments will depend how the story goes.  Now I sat trying to decide what this story should be then I thought Why should I rack my brains when I can pick yours so here is your first decision….

I am actually tempted to do it like those books you could get where you faced dilemmas then turned to a different page based on your answer, the only problem is I was rubbish at them and every choice led to a speedy death.  I will wait a couple of days before looking at the results so that more of you get chance to give your thoughts but I have enough time to actually write something.  The last time I tried this with Disintegration people loved it or hated it (or possibly were bored by it) but that could also have been I published all the parts over a week mainly to keep my friend Debbie from ringing me up to ask when the next bit was coming lol. Anyone who hasn’t read that and wishes to can find part one here.

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