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New Look

Do you like it? I admit I am not sure I may change it again but I really fancied a nice new look for the new year.  I am playing with my new photo software at the minute preparing a few pics for the other blog I have decided that I shall post three pics a week on there.  While pictures on this site are not for sharing as they contain my family the photos I post over on the other blog I am more than happy for my followers to use should they find anything which inspires them.  All I would ask is that maybe you credit the blog which may lead them back here lol I will also be posting the picture for Photo Friday there on the Saturday with a link to my fiction piece if anyone does feel inspired by any of my pics please make sure I know the links and then I can ensure they are posted where people can find them.

So pictures like this one you will be able to use should you so desire….


But not this….

desk (2)

Do you like the pretty frames they match the one on the oil painting above my fire place.  As I have my pics set as screen saver so the computer turns into a digital photo frame, I am also borrowing an idea from Russell Ray Photos and actually framing pictures as I post them that way I know which have been posted.  Of course my pictures are no way in the same league as his so if you haven’t taken a peek then I recommend taking a trip over to his blog.

18 thoughts on “New Look

  1. I think I like it. I was so used to the purple on your page (I think it was black and purple), and it gave off your ghost story/torture in the dungeon vibe so well. 😉 But yellow is my favorite color, and it’s fresh and light, so I’m good if you keep this one. It’s like a new haircut! … Your photos in this post are lovely.


    1. hadn’t thought that if I take another trip to the dungeon it might be a bit sunny lol I suppose I shall have to make the descriptions even more graphic to compensate


  2. Really love the new look, Paula! Also, the frames look spiffy!

    It seems like I’m still stuck in the 20’s….or is that 50’s…
    *shrugs and runs away into the wind*


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