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2nd Day of the Year but the Real Start

For me the 2nd of January is the real start of the new year.  The 1st is spent by most nursing a bad head, and a cold that they caught going out looking good in totally impractical clothes.  For most today is the day they return to normality of balancing work and home life and here in my house it is the final week of chaos before normality resumes with the new school term.  As I sit trying to write this the monster is throwing a yoyo about, throwing being the right word as he has yet to coax it into performing the return journey up the string.

I really need to motivate myself to head into town and do some shopping but the idea of it fills me with dread, you know that today no one will be happy to serve you as they all feel aggrieved at being forced out of bed to drag themselves in to work.  Those working in retail get a rough deal over the Christmas season if I had not been still on sick leave after my surgery I would have been ironing my work shirt today and joining those heading to work. I would not even think about going shopping if we did not need some veggies for the healthy eating part of my new year resolutions.  I am determined that the soup maker will be getting some use this year after all what can be healthier than combining veg to create tasty soups – well as long as it doesn’t involve half a loaf of bread to soak it up with lol.

I have procrastinated as long as I can the monster does not wish to go shopping so that will add an extra fun element to the trip however emotional blackmail involving the threat of withholding certain children’s TV channels should do the trick plus he loves cooking so maybe if I suggest getting bun ingredients he might perk up although that won’t help the eating plan.

Tomorrow I intend to reveal the new blogging schedule and banners for each day.


9 thoughts on “2nd Day of the Year but the Real Start

  1. I hate running errands but, thankfully, I have none to be done at the moment – probably even until I return to school.

    Good luck with your new year resolutions, by the way. 🙂

    Also, if you get this comment I might like to add that a lot of my comments have been spammed on various blogs and was wondering if you might be able to check your spam box to check if any of my comments are there? Thank you.


  2. Happy new year! Can’t wait to see the new schedule. About the eating, moderation is the key slowly start to remove things, if you go cold turkey (usually) you’ll go crazy eating everything you’re trying to stay away from.


  3. Good luck with the shopping expedition. How lucky that you have a youngster who loves to cook! I need to finish up my computer business and go restock my mother-in-law’s cupboards. I will if you will!


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