New Year Writing Resolutions

I should imagine like most of the normal resolutions I make I shall have broken most of these within the first week but here goes – I always make my resolutions in tens that way I might keep one hehehe

1)  Complete post a day for my blog in 2013

2)  Upgrade my blog so that I own the domain name

3)  Invest in Scrivener – my trial is nearly up have had to cheat to stretch it our by using word for some early drafting

4)  Complete a minimum of three writing exercises per week and keep my sensory journal adding one thing per day

5)  Be more realistic about reading other blogs, accept sometime you cannot read everything no matter how much you would want to – to ensure I do this I shall clear my inbox at the end of each day

6)  Write a minimum of 1000 words (including blog posts per day)

7)  Do my personal NaNo challenge in January

8)  Do NaNo in November

9)  Try to find a writing group I can join up with either locally or online

10) Learn to believe in my writing

Okay so that’s the resolutions next up the project list for the next twelve months – I may regret this one as I can see it growing

1) Publish Voices Across The Void

2) Edit Queen of Ages and begin submitting to agents and publishers

3) Begin drafting second part of trilogy

4) Research for final part of trilogy

5) Research for postapocalyptic novel based on the idea I mentioned before

6) Second collection of ghost storys based on the extra ones from VATV

It looks like a busy year ahead and I look forward to continuing to share my journey with you all.

14 thoughts on “New Year Writing Resolutions

  1. I love this kind of list – I am gonna borrow it!


  2. Good luck, Paula, and best wishes for the New Year!


  3. Good luck with your resolutions, Paula!


  4. Good luck. I do have to say that my life changed when I finally gave in and paid the $18 and bought my own domain name. I don’t know why, but it gave me more credibility with myself. Like I was SERIOUS! 🙂


  5. 2013 should be a busy year then! Good luck with all your projects and resolutions!


    1. I am very good at making lists whether I always complete them is a different matter lol


  6. I love your list. I’m going to take some of them. I also need to follow through on the ideas you post about that I love. Number 5 is my biggest problem.


  7. Good luck honey!

    But I’m a bit confused by number 1….2012?



    1. no idea what you mean lmao will just blame my old computer as I wrote post on that and was too scared it woud die before I had it saved and scheduled lol


  8. What a great list, Paula – you have a busy year ahead. I really admire you for doing a post a day – once a week is a big enough challenge for me 😉


  9. I love you are making resolutions that focus on you and your passion! Happy 2013.


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