In Response to Skank/Goddess (not a nice girl)

(Written in response to Susan Daniels poem which you can read here Skank/Goddess (not a nice girl) I don’t normally write in response to other peoples posts but the image she created has stayed with me all day demanding my attention so I hope Susan like this)

Warrior queen from another life,

Her Chevy chariot responding,

Horse power controlled

By stiletto heel.

Tribal markings delineate

The path she should but

Could not tread.

Fuelled by vengeance for

for one final time.

Talons claw through hide

As she swerves increasing speed.

Her wrath demands satisfaction

For the insult she percieves.

A heart that offered so much

Now sacrificed for uncaring gods.

From ancient lore she now

Takes her lead.

An eye for an eye

Heart for a heart

The ritual offering imbibed

For strength.

Numbs the mind and

Steadys the hand.

And as she looks down

Upon her fallen foe

He bleeds out

Yet it is she who

Dies a little more inside.

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