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As you may have noticed it has been a few days since I posted I am still here but things have gotten a little hectic here at home.  My little boy has a tummy bug which means he is home with me plus I started back at work – only a few hours but after three months home recovering from surgery it has been a shock to the system and I just need to get back into a different swing now.  I am worrying about whether I can get the book ready for the 20th launch I had planned and am beginning to suspect it may be late by a few days but we shall see. Anyway I have a date on my sofa with The Frozen Planet and the monster to watch polar bears his current favourite animal.


Something a little different Jennifer talks openly and honestly about a very difficult subject, it is hard to admit when your children aren’t perfect even harder of they can be a nightmare and you have to say those words no parents ever wants to utter – help I need help with my child – I know I am one of those mums who had to ask then shout to get help

Jennifer M Eaton

Hello.  My Name in Jennifer Eaton.  And I have a child with behavioral problems.

Whew!  Getting that off my chest is HUGE.  If you have a child with a behavior disorder, be it ADD, ADHD, or any of the myriad of other things out there, just admitting that there is a problem is a pretty big step in the right direction.

Since my youngest was two, he’s always been “a handful”.  We kept waiting for him to get out of the terrible two’s.  I used to joke about him still being in his terrible two’s at five.

At six, when his “bad” behavior started becoming violent… when his siblings began to get hurt, when he would scream at us and break things if he didn’t get his way…  When I was afraid to sit beside him… when I cringed in fear when my son came near … we realized we…

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great opportunity to spread the love headed by the wonderful M.S Fowle head over and take a look

M.S. Fowle

Share The Love 2013

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Writing Exercise – Lists


Today’s exercise once again comes from…

518-ogA2vXL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU02_I am really enjoying most of these exercises, the odd ones do not really seem to help or fit with my writing style but overall it has been a good investment. So today’s exercise is…


Now obviously you know me and how much I love lists so this would seem to be a really easy one not because I could not come up with a list for each one but because I would not know where to stop lol.

I am going to cheat slightly here, as you know we all get awards then struggle to come up with 7 interesting things about you over and over again so I am going to do a couple of lists here now then use the other suggestions to do my 7 things on awards posts and link them back to here.

List your favourite childhood books

Okay in no particular order…

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton

Wish For a Pony by Monica Edwards

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy

James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

List some metaphors for sunset.  The sunset looked like…

…a dissolving rainbow sliding across the sky.

…a princess colour scheme swatched against the clouds.

….a gossamer cascade from the Goddess’s gown.

Okay so thats mine done I would love to see a few lists in comments from you all pick one and share and also feel free to pinch the idea’s for using on awards post 😀

Fantasy Vs Reality


I have a lot of friends on here that write Erotica and will admit that lately I have been reading quite a bit, (Lee you might want to stop reading here – and Sammie and actually anyone that knows me in real life lol)


I am not about to start writing it any sex scenes in my novel are there as part of the plot rather than basing a plot around sex I don’t have the talent to do that well, but what it has got me thinking about is fantasy.  Erotica is based primarily on people’s fantasies diverging into many different sub genres to feed all tastes that could possibly exist.  The thing is as writers at times our imagination can lead us to have very vivid fantasies both in and out of the bedroom.  The question is can reality ever match our fantasy?


When I was sixteen I had my first love a few months of puppy love followed by the requisite mourning period of broken hearted youth.  We never slept together, so in my innocent teenage mind it would have been magical; roll forward a couple years and a chance encounter in a nightclub after the consumption of alcohol.  It seemed like a good idea unfinished business between the two of us, after we both agreed that though pleasant it had been a mistake, both of us felt disappointed that it had failed to live up to what we had built it up to be in our minds.


Last night I had read a post about fantasies and it got me thinking about my own, those I would still like to live out and those which I now concede are better left as they are.  Now for those getting excited I am not about to divulge those fantasies in detail here and now lol let’s just say that one of them theoretically were it ever to be lived out would place me in a position that could be potentially dangerous hence it will never happen, other fantasies include me not having control – well you guys know how much of a control freak I am that is never happening in real life.  The fantasy that I am most upset at finally realising I would now never act upon is my JT, now yes I live in the real world therefore know it will never be put to the test, he is never going to bump into explain he has split from his wife and beg me to run away with him, but the fantasy of it has been with me for thirty years.  Last night the sad realisation hit me as I was reading his autobiography in the bath that if in an alternate universe it did happen he could never live up to my expectations.  Frequently we see celebrities hauled down from the pedestals upon which we have placed them by showing themselves as mere humans, and on one level we can forgive them (depending of course what they have done) but what we can never forgive them for totally are the dreams they take from us.


Now you might wonder how this relates to writing, well lets all be honest we all have a writing fantasy or two about someone out there reading our work, falling in love with it, the offer of contracts involving a lot of noughts and film rights being discussed.  Even in some of the blog awards we share and love we ask who would play your character in a film then fantasise about our leading men, (I still haven’t actually decided on mine for the novel quite like the idea of unknown actors lol) I digress back to what I was saying fantasy writing comes with a whole heap of benefits while the reality for most of us is an inbox full of rejections then if we get lucky a small publisher will take a chance on us that will not allow us to give up the day job but will see your book in print.


The thing is this is one fantasy that it is harder to give up on.  We cannot all top the bestseller lists but we can all dream about it because in part this fantasy is not actually about anyone else.  It is simply about us, our abilities and our determination to succeed.  For some succeed is to write the perfect novel, to write the perfect poem, for some it is to get across and share a message but the final line is that it is possible if only we are willing to work hard enough, slave away at our craft, learn from our mistakes, take chances and risk failure.  Today I saw a friend of mine had received some news I shall not spoil it saying who but let me say I am thrilled for her she had almost been talked out of believing in herself, and into closing her laptop but today her fantasies are beginning to come true.


Believe in your own abilities, keep sight of your dreams and don’t let anyone tell you no – let your mind run wild with fantasies but only indulge in those that can do you no harm.



Mum’s Parkin


Okay today I am sharing my mum’s Parkin recipe this is partly from a self reason that whenever I write it down I lose it so if I publish it here I will know where to find it.  Parkin is traditionally made for Bonfire/Guy Fawkes Night here in the UK.  Yup we have special food to eat while we stand in the cold watching an effigy of a man burn. But it is so good why only eat it one night a year plus I found three bags of oatmeal in the cupboard so here we go again it is really simple to make.

First gather those ingredients…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4 cups of Plain Flour (think that is all purpose flour in the US – use the one you would use for pastry rather than sponges)

4 cups Medium Oatmeal

1 cup sugar

2 tsp ginger

2 tsp bicarb

4 oz margarine

6 tbsp golden syrup
2 cups milk
Mix together all your dry ingredients
Then add the margarine or butter if you prefer until it resembles breadcrumbs,this is the rather messy bit

then after rubbing in that lot make a well in the middle and add the golden syrup and milk..


Then give it a good stir or have your assistant do it…


Once you have ensured all the dry mix is well and truly stirred it it will look a little like porridge but the smell will be amazing already


Next step is grease and line your tin, you can either use loaf tins or I prefer using a bigger tin and making a big slab – I do have one tip here for you if like me you like having proper butter at home when you finish it or unwrap it to put it in the butter dish save the wrappers just fold them up and keep them in the fridge and when you need to grease anything just grab one use and throw – it save using extra greaseproof just to rip up and use and it means you are less likely to over grease.


Tip the mixture into your lined tin and level it out


Then into the oven cook for half an hour on gas mark 4 then turn down to 2 until its done which will be about another half hour.


Remove from oven and place on rack to cool before removing greaseproof paper.


Divide up into squares…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen place in a tin.  A metal tin is better I am experimenting as I only had a plastic one by wrapping tin foil round them.  The longer you can leave it in the tin in theory the sticker it gets but that is if it lasts that long – it can seem a little dry to those not used to Parkin but it also tastes lovely served warm with custard over it.

So that’s my mums Parkin recipe please if you decide to try it out let me know what you think.

Aching Hands

043 (5)

When I was at school we would sit and write non stop for an hour at a time then a five minute break to walk to the next lesson, throw in home work and you can guarantee that a large proportion of the week day was spent pen in hand.  So why today do I need to stop every ten minutes to stretch my fingers?  Is it that I have just got old without realising it or is it that in the modern age we have lost the ability to write anything longer than a shopping list?

I know I am going wrong by using a normal pen and not one specially designed to be held while writing…

Wrong type of pen

Wrong type of pen

Right type of pen

Right type of pen

Obviously if I had the right type of pen my hands wouldn’t be aching after all they must have hurt like hell using all those cheap Biro’s in the past… that must be the answer.

The reality all joking aside is we all spend too much time on here – the computer, tapping away at the keyboard rather than writing in lovely flowing script, if we need to contact someone we send a message, text, tweet or email rather than invest time, energy and money in the old snail mail.  It may have taken me all day to write a dozen or so quick notes to people but I hope when the envelope lands on their mat or the pull it out of their mail box it will mean more than its electronic counterpart.

One of my resolutions was to write more proper letters this year well today I can certainly say that is one resolution I am up on.




No Vlog Today


Am having a few technical issues (okay I haven’t worked out how to use the video edit bit on this new computer yet) which I am working on so sadly for today no vlog.  It is not necessarily a bad thing as I have a stonker of a cold and have a nose Rudolph would be proud of.

So what to do instead well I thought just a general catch up chat post, I know you all seem to be enjoying my Tasty Tuesdays post and I have another quick tip for you that I will share, unless you are lucky enough to be capable of growing herbs then like me you will end up buying them by the bunch then end up with some left over,  two options for the leftovers is to either dry them out for either use in cooking or a herb pot pourri for the kitchen or my personal favourite…


Use spare jars rip or bruise the herbs to release the flavour then fill the jar with extra virgin olive oil and hey presto lovely flavoured oils for use when you don’t have any fresh herbs in. I really hate waste and though with the various pets we don’t have much herbs were one thing that did get thrown away now I just need to get a compost bin for the potato peelings and any other peelings the dogs or Guinea Pigs don’t eat.

I took collection of my business cards today as well, I didn’t get as excited about those as I did the book marks don’t get me wrong they look great am just not sure right now who I would actually be handing them to so they will sit on my desk until I figure out what to do with those.


I had a busy day shopping on Saturday with my daughter I actually managed to spend money just on me without coming home with things for everyone then my daughter and her fiance took us out for tea.  The top I am wearing was one of my bargains for the day that I bought in the sales, don’t you just love sales when you find something you love that you would have felt too guilty to buy at full price.

Hopefully other half is getting us tickets for a 1940’s themed swing evening for Valentines I realised recently that I would far rather go out less and go to different things than just go sit in a pub every weekend, there is a Faerie Ball I fancy in the summer but will save that one until I catch him in a good mood as it will involve an expensive taxi or a night in a hotel.

The final thing I will share with you is sort of a teaser for the ghost stories collection, but only that it explains my love of the paranormal I do not see ghosts nor do I feel them, in fact I am jealous of those who do, what I do seem able to do is capture things on camera, this was taken in the older part of the graveyard where my Grandad is buried.  I felt nothing but my little boy who was with me and aged around two and a half at the time did not like that area at all.  I did not see anything at the time I was just snapping away at the old stones, I was drawn to zoom in on this area during editing the photos and was at first just trying to read the writing on the gravestone in the foreground when I saw this…


I have been back trying to explain it away or replicate it have failed.  Is it a trick of the light? Is it something more? I know what I think but then again I believe, do you?

Getting Excited


It is so easy to get caught up in the excitement that new developments bring so you can imagine my happy dance today when I took delivery of these..


but it also means a lot of self induced pressure.  Either I will turn out to be an author or I will be considering a change to being a PR consultant, I know which I want it to be but I have created the beginnings of hype and question myself whether the product will live up to the billing.  I know every single person reading this at some point will have either faced the fear or come to face it and it is almost paralysing.  It would be so easy to suddenly disappear, hide behind the distance a computer screen gives and pretend that the big bad world does not exist, I could fill note books just writing for myself and never risk failing so publicly.  I have gained in confidence by writing here and sharing it with all of you wonderfully supportive people but soon I know I must face a wider audience some of whom will not like what I write and will not necessarily be considerate in their methods of expressing their views.  I have come to understand that we writers are by nature masochistic, we thrive the doubts and self loathing others avoid.  We are in many ways children that never grew up, we still have our wild and vivid imaginations mixed with a desperate need for approval, we know we cannot please everyone yet still wish to do so.

Ultimately I know what ever happens I shall regret not taking the chance far more than anything negative which can come from it.  Anyway back to the writing before I talk myself into rocking in the corner.


Filler Post

I am afraid this is nothing more really than a bit of a filler post, I have had a hectic couple of days yesterday I was bent into various positions by the physio then today I have been back to see my consultant.  Both are really pleased with my recovery and I can start back at work on rehab hours which obviously means a little juggling and balancing to be done.  I promise a proper post tomorrow I just feel wiped out today it has been a long couple of months but all the pain and stress has paid off and I feel so much better comparing my pain sheets today to those from 12 months ago just brought it home how far I have come.