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50 Things before 50 – 24) Stop Smoking

I am not sure technically how long I am supposed to wait before I can officially say I stopped smoking.  It is christmas day and for the first time in forever I will not be smoking in fact it has been nearly two months now.

It is still hard and there are times I really want one still but I recognise that it is want rather than need and then it comes down to self-control.  I have put on a little weight since stopping, no point pretending otherwise but with my back healing now is the time I can start working on that aswell.

This is only a short post as I have a turkey to stuff (okay we all know I scheduled this but you know I had to check it posted) and most of you have to do the same.  So if you are reading this on the day have a lovely time with those you love and if you are reading it after I hope you had a wonderful day.  Merry christmas, happy holidays, or yule blessings take your pick but which ever you choose take it with love.

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