Quick Explanation

Hi as you all kno my laptop has not been very well for  while now and it has finally just about died, literally by the time it starts up unless I have it hnging halfay out the window it is overheating and dying upon me.  Santa in the shape of my other half is bringing me a new one which will be here towards the end of the week so until then there are a couple of posts scheduled but once the new year comes I shall start back blogging properly.  I just wanted to share this which arrived by post yesterday..


I have been reading some posts but hitting like when reading them via the phone is a nightmare but please know I miss you all and wish you all a very merry christmas.

7 thoughts on “Quick Explanation

  1. Paula, what a great and lovely idea.


  2. Hurray for Santa Claus! Enjoy your holiday. A Merry Christmas, Paula, and a Happy New Year!


  3. I hope you feel fit and fine for a Happy Christmas!!! We love you! I nominated you for a ton of awards but no worries, deal with all that when you feel good. Also, let me know if you all get the book. I mailed them on December 15th, so you should be getting them! Lots of love and peace to you, Emily


  4. Merry Christmas to you too, Paula. That charity is a great idea. I would, except I have almost no hair myself, except for my beard, and I’m pretty sure nobody wants. 😉


  5. Merry Christmas honey, have a good one!



  6. So glad you are getting a new computer. You were wonderful to donate your hair, and you are lovely with your new do. Merry Christmas, Paula!


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