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Writing Exercise #1

This is taken from above posted book, now obviously I cannot post the chapter which goes along with the exercise nor am I going to print every exercise in the book am pretty sure the author would not be happy with that.   The idea here is every other week opposite my vlog post I shall look at an exercise in this or one of the other books I seem to be accumulating and give you my thoughts on how that particular book is helping me so for todays exercise I have chosen this one as with the new year approaching I quite like the idea of this…


Now I confess I haven’t actually done this one but it ties in with a blog post a read recently over at One Handed Writers, they were discussing how they had a scent for each of their characters in their minds as they wrote about them and I think that is part of what I get from this idea.

To me this is not so much a five minute exercise as an on going project so what I intend to do is grab a nice new clean notebook and divide it up into the senses then actually make notes of various sensations.  I guess it will be a little like saying something tastes like chicken then trying to explain to someone who has never eaten it what chicken tastes like.  I think something I am guilty of at times is assuming that people share my experience of things a prime example is if I were to talk about the smell of a fire burning, my fires when I burn them tend to have a lot of rose wood in them where I have hacked back the wild rose that grows in my garden yet I know if I were burning pine boughs it would smell differently.  I can really see how this one will help me create more layers to my writing and especially my poetry and the idea of starting a sensory journal is quite exciting.  So what do you think is this something that could work for you?

8 thoughts on “Writing Exercise #1

  1. I try to incorporate all the senses in every scene or chapter at the very least, but it sure is difficult! For me, taste is the most difficult to include only because my characters aren’t always eating/drinking in the scenes so I have to figure out ways around that. Not easy.


  2. I was surprised to read that “touch” was the most neglected sense. If I ever stop writing such “quick” stories, maybe I’ll find characters who do stop to smell, touch, and taste more. Interesting exercise, Paula. I might try this one.


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