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Blog of the Year Part 2

Well here we go I now have all six stars yay!!!!!!!!

Please pop over to part one here to see the first four star nominators and the rules here.

So before I get on to dishing out some more stars let me thank the ladies who have given me my last couple of stars.  Firstly Chelsea over at The Jenny Mac Book Blog her mix of writing and video keeps you entertained and heading back for more but what really impresses me about this young lady is her determination to make a positive stand against bullys.

My final star comes curtesy of Heidi being the rule breaker she is she sent it back at me, she has suffered from some negative feedback and is now slowly bouncing back, I believe Heidi really has the talent to be a star she just needs to believe in herself and find her niche.

Soooooo time to hand out some more stars…

Joanne Phillips

Dianne Gray

Maddie Cochere

Maggie Myklebust

Bridget Straub – now technically Bridget did actually send me a star aswell but as I am only allowed to collect 6 I am gonna pretend I didn’t see hers so I can send one back at her 😀

Okay thats it for this one I have been thrilled and amazed to receive all 6 stars yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the best bit is getting to spread them round to you guys.  Right am going to carry on working out my new years writing resolutions for new years days post.


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