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Newtown Our Hearts Break For You

I was not going to comment on this but I feel if I don’t may head may explode.

Tonight innocent children lay not in their own beds where they should be but on the cold hard steel of a mortuary table.  Yet despite the terrible grief which is descending on these parents lives as they receive the call or visit no parent should ever received other already protest defending their right to bear arms.  I have already seen posts on Facebook saying it is not the guns that kill but people who have turned from god.  No I am sorry you are talking out of your arse, people have killed before in the name of god believing they heard god tell they to do it.  What they haven’t done is beaten them to death with a bible they got a gun, readily available for everyone by their rights stated in the constitution.  I read this statistic tonight and it should freeze the heart of every one…

Jon Williams BBC foreign editor

tweets: Truly shocking: in 2009 (latest yr) 31,347 killed by firearms in US. Almost as many as road accidents

Nearly as many people as died in car accidents, now think what that means, think how many of you know someone or have a friend or work colleague who has lost someone in a car crash.  Then consider the chances are now growing that you or someone you know will be affected by gun crime and for what?

So the drug dealer has a legal right to carry his gun because he has never been caught yet?

So the child molester down the street who has never been caught can legally own the gun which he will use to abduct your child?

Or so someone who has a gripe against the world or is having a bad day can walk into a mall or a cinema or a school and slaughter at will?

Your constitution argues all men should be treated equally the problem is that was written when the division was between black and white not good and evil.  It was written when you had to go out and kill your food not just wander down to the store.  The very reasons you need guns no longer exist for the majority of people.

Taking guns away from the majority of people will not stop these crimes but it will make it a damn sight harder for anyone get their hands on one, it will stop the person who suddenly snaps harming others.  It will not stop those who plan and are determined to carry out evil deeds perpetrating them but it will silence those who seek to justify their actions adding further insult to the pain of the families already devastated

I do not know the specifics of this case people are trying to make sense of the senseless, some will blame mental illness, others the economy, and they may indeed play their part but the sad fact is that society has reached a state where the individual believes their rights are more important than anyone elses.  Only of you believe that you are superior to everyone else could you hold another’s life so cheaply, and I hear you now protest well I do think that but to an extent we all do it.

We are the society that accepts no responsibility, their must always be someone else liable no matter what.  We deserve everything now, now matter we cannot afford it.  We defend our children’s faults rather than accept them and remedy them after all to punish a child for bad behaviour now is nothing less than child abuse, yet ironically we turn a blind eye to those we know are suffering

It will not be a government who can stop this it will take EVERY mother to do it.  Because only when every mother takes their sons guns and turns them in and says no more will the guns leave the streets.  Only when every mother tells their child respect is earned by your actions not demanded by raising your hand will children grow up with the loyalty to each other we had as children.  Only when every mother teaches her child that material possessions mean nothing if there is not generosity in your hearts will they not covert what others have and only when every mother teaches their child to respect them selves and reach for the stars will they believe that anything worth having is worth working for.  Only when EVERY mother lives up to that precious title she has been given will the tide be turned.

There are new stars shining down on a world that failed them tonight I only pray that no more need to join them before someone listens.

23 thoughts on “Newtown Our Hearts Break For You

  1. It’s a shame how many Americans think rule number one is not to take away our guns. When it’s obvious our guns do a helluva lot of damage, the evidence speaks for itself. It’s really is just a travesty.



      1. but if you are a responsible gun owner your gun is secured away where the kids cannot get to it to play with it so by the time you get to it your dead so i would say nice try but no cigar try again


  2. Jmgoyder is right – we have very strict gun laws here in Australia. I don’t know why America is so different to other countries on this stance. if a madman (yes they are usually men) has a knife and walks into a mall, or theater, or school he can do some damage to innocent victims – if he has an automatic weapon he does maximum damage. Get the guns off the street and burn the bloody things!


  3. Well written, well said!!
    Today was my first day volunteering with a gun control group. We were in the state legislature asking for support for a bill banning semi-automatic assault weapons when the news broke. What a tearful day.
    But also a hopeful day. Ten legislators signed on with their support, including at least one who was not a supporter until now. He asked, “Where do I sign?”
    I was so upset on my drive home, I pulled over and made a short video as a call to action. You said it absolutely right: this won’t stop every tragedy, but it could make it a whole lot harder!!
    Thank you for writing about this.


  4. I totally agree and will NEVER understand the right to bear arms!
    I’m going to post this on my facebook page because I too have read post there, defending people’s rights to carry guns 😦


  5. There are many reasons why something like this has happened, not just guns…but that is no reason to make them so available. I live in Korea where you need a permit just to own a paintball gun and no other guns are available. There are approximately…0 deaths a year from shootings. If people want hunting rifles or shotguns, fine, but there’s no reason for anything else. It’s time people made a stand.


    1. I agree taking guns away will not stop anyone determined to hurt others but why make it so easy for them to do it, it needs every parent to make a stand in their own homes because every killer was once someones son or daughter and so often we here the reasons being they were spoilt or abused opposite ends of the same scale really make parents responsible for their under age childrens actions but also punish those who do not parent responsibly, every one screams about their rights to this their rights to that everyone tiptoes around scared to offend anyone or to step in and say get this sorted I have seen so many posts today shouting about their right to own a gun yet totally ignoring those childrens right to life


      1. Good point. A lot of this sort of thing could be prevented by good early education, good parenting, good upbringing. I think the fact is that people just like guns. They like owning them, and the reasons they give are excuses most of the time (besides hunting, perhaps). For instance, the self-defense argument only works if everyone else already has a gun. If there were no guns, the most you would need for self-defense would be a baseball bat, or better yet, a shield.


  6. Paula, I wish I could hug you. You have risked ridicule to your blog in order to stand up and say the truth. I am so very proud of you. I believe that there are certain people who should be able to carry guns, but with proof of even maybe a medical exam, or law officers, true hunters who feed off the land. to be able to buy a stolen gun so easily is outrageous. let’s stiffen the laws, penalize the crimes. oh Paula, I am so in agreement with you. I could not have said it any better


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