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Writing Tools and Background Noise

I know you are all looking at me like I have lost the plot – possibly I have one can never be sure – but what I actually wanted to do was share a couple of things with you.

The first is a writing app…Written Kitten


Rather than have you squint trying to read what I put here it is…..

So every word you type takes you one step closer to a lovely fluffy ball of cuteness.  Now I am not sure how well this will work for me.  I like kittens but do I love them enough to want a novels worth of them.  Maybe pictures of John Taylor or Johnny Depp infact I think it might b far more interesting if each person could choose their own personal search criteria for the flickr search.  The possibilties are endless and could even be tailored to your work in progress for example my words could be haunted houses, ghosts and awww a kitten appeared…

Basically for every hundred words you type you get a new fluffy kitten so for cat lovers this may indeed inspire them to push on and knock out a few extra words for me not so sure it would help.

Now the other thing I wanted to talk about was background noise while you work, now I know some people like a little music others require complete silence but for me I have to listen to podcasts.  Yes you heard me, most of the podcasts I listen to are literary ones such as these

wbc1024324 Another is Writing Excuses

Now don’t get me wrong these are just a few of the ones that I have on my iTunes but that is the great thing via iTunes you can subscribe to loads of free podcasts be it author interviews, book reviews or something totally different you are interested in I have history ones as well as wildllife podcasts.  There is even a chapter by chapter reading of Moby Dick.

I hope if you haven’t taken a look at the wide range of podcasts available for free in the iTunes store that you will go take a look you never know what you might find, if you click on any of the names or pictures it will take you to the direct website rather than itunes.

17 thoughts on “Writing Tools and Background Noise

  1. i can’t listen to speech while i’m writing as i end up concentrating on the radio/podcast. I do love the BBC podcasts though – my favourites are on the world service – “Outlook” and “Witness”.
    i think i will do a post on these later


  2. Those kittens are cute, but my youngest wouldn’t ever move from my screen if I had some there.
    I need music, talking bothers me and bickering from children is even worse.
    I will go look at iTunes podcasts for those rare moments when I have some free time. 😀


  3. So interesting that you can listen to someone speak – and actually absorb it – while you write. I find the spoken word distracting, but music can be playing, and it’s just background noise. How interesting you mentioned podcasts. I had podcasts as a notation under my possible blog topics. I love them, and will check out your recommendations.


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