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Hmmmm I Really Should be Blogging but Johnny Depp is Distracting Me

I sat down tonight to prepare tomorrows post there was nothing on tv so I stuck a DVD in for background noise.  Now I have actually been working my way through my DVD collection, as between kids and the other half, none of whom associate discs with the boxes they are supposed to live in, many of the discs are scratched and the damaged DVDs take up valuable space on the bookshelves.  So I grab the next on the pile and stick it in not really paying attention to what I am putting in – big mistake!

I have ended up distracted by not only Johnny Depp but the actual film The Ninth Gate, which is one of his slightly more obscure films.

Basically the plot revolves around three ancient books and whether firstly one or all are genuine and secondly whether they contain a hidden meaning.  I am not really going to go further into it if you want to you must watch the film here is the clip…

On the plus side it has inspired me with a topic for later in the week about hidden meanings and whether they exist and if they do are they intentional.  I know sounds good, it might be if I get round to writing it but I shall leave you with my favourite example of a poem with dual meaning which is William Blake’s Tyger Tyger I was a young girl the first time I ever heard it and it was spoken by David Attenborough over the start of a wildlife programme on you guessed it tigers.  I wish I could find a version of the footage but this reading of the poem by Helen Mirren shall have to suffice

Now you can imagine my despair when an english teacher ripped away my pretty tiger images and replaced it with the scenes of industrial revolution.  Where I had seen majestic stripes now stood smoke polluted skies.  It was a long time before I was able to listen to the poem again without it having been spoilt for me.  I think the truth is that my vision of it was just as valid as the academic version.  Blake may very well have been writing about the coming of the new technological era yet one cannot help feeling that should he have lived now, the tigers plight at the hands of man, would have still inspired the self-same words.

14 thoughts on “Hmmmm I Really Should be Blogging but Johnny Depp is Distracting Me

  1. Man, teachers should always remember to impress upon their students that their opinion is just that… god, that’s infuriating!

    I love the Depp. He’s SO good. ‘The Ninth Gate’ isn’t my cup of tea, it’s Mister T’s favourite. Last time we watched it we both fell asleep, but that was no reflection on the film. We really should watch this again. I have so many posts to catch up on Paula… Hope you’re feeling well! 🙂


  2. Hey – you feel free to blog about Johnny Depp whenever you want. 😉 He’s seems to be rather “unsung” in the film community, I feel. He’s so versatile – he can go from having us all drooling as a hopeless romantic, to some scurvy, smelly drunk… and we’re all still drooling. I think you should only blog about Johnny Depp from now on. 😀


    1. I am quite excited to see where he goes with the publishing company he is setting up – could you imagine being forced to have business meetings with him to get your book published – seriously though I can imagine him actually being willing to take on works by unknowns or that he sees film potential in


      1. OMG, I’d be a babbling idiot in his presence – worse than a 12yrold girl with Bieber Fever… worse than you if Duran Duran showed up on your doorstep. Haha! 😉


      2. i think we both know I would not be babbling mainly as i would have course passed out in true duranie fashion hoping for JT to deliver the kiss of life 😀


  3. Get a hold of yourselves ladies. Actually, I like Depp’s work. He has that “WTF” look in a lot of it. “Dead Man” was the first thing I saw him in, a western, believe it or not.


      1. My grandma used to live on the isle of wight where there was a tiger sanctuary – all the tigers they had there had been rescued from other zoo’s where they were kept in poor conditions or literally rescued from the grasp of death at the hands of locals in their native homes I would love a world one day where they were not needed and the animals could live safely in the wild


  4. I love Depp–such a great actor. I remember seeing The Ninth Gate in the theatre on a date many moons ago. Date wasn’t so great, but Depp made that easier somehow.


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