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Bad Head

I know it should be weekly round up time but to be honest right now I can’t manage it.  Last night was my works christmas do and for the first time since all my back problems I could actually have a proper drink hence this morning my first hangover in 5 years.  So for now you can have a pic of me just before I went out which is far prettier than the sight this morning.


16 thoughts on “Bad Head

    1. yep it is real bacon around 4 rashers fried in a pan preferably with lard (if your gonna be unhealthy then you gotta go for it) then just drain off the excess fat put it in a teacake (imagine a big burger bun with no seeds) and smother with ketchup or brown sauce


  1. Still loving your hair, and if you aren’t wearing contacts (even if you are), your eyes are beautiful! I bet you *did* have fun. Still, a side-by-side of before and after so we could judge would have been nice. 😉


    1. yep the eyes are mine though I will say how bright they are does tend to depend on my mood the better the mood the more blue if I am ill they are more of a grey/ice blue, and nooooo this morning it would have cracked the camera lens lol 😀


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