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Staring at the Screen

Today my muse has left the building, I suspect she snuck off yesterday after my post because I intended to move onto my favourite example of intertextuality.  So that shall now wait until monday and by posted in the reviews section where it really belongs.

Rather than staring at the blank screen I had a little scribble in my notebook, wrote what a terrible day it is in my journal and wasted an hour playing games on Facebook.  The I stuck a DVD on.

It was one I hadn’t watched since getting it, you know how it goes you read the reviews fancy it but not enough to go to the cinema so you wait for it to come out on DVD only to discover it wasn’t as good as you expected it to be, not terrible but not great either just mundane.  For me Forgetting Sarah Marshall fell into that category despite the sexy Russell Brand being in it.  (Cue gratuitous clip of Russell…)

But what really struck me was the song over the end credits, a familiar song that even though you cannot understand the words you know each and ever one.  It reminded me of a day many moons ago when I accidentally placed a favourite record the wrong way up and fell in love with the spanish version.  So for your enjoyment I share the song from today and the one from years ago which both remind me that the sound of words can be almost as important as the meaning.  If not we would not write literature we would merely read dictionaries

5 thoughts on “Staring at the Screen

  1. If I don’t see something in the the theater, the odds of me buying it aren’t good. I’m not the biggest Russell Brand fan on a good day though.


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