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Weekly Round Up #3

First a huge well done to all my friends who have completed NaNo this week I will admit I have been slightly jealous as I have seen those badges appear on your blogs.

Okay so here is how I this week…

1.  Each week goal number one will be my proposed word count which I want to try to increase each week in preparation for my personal NaNo style writmo in January.  As I mentioned in a previous post I found some great spreadsheets to keep track of my word count and I will be using these to keep track of my progress.  I am starting the word count target at a thousand words a day but that will include blog posts so on average it will be around 400-500 on the blog then the rest on my WIP.

I didn’t quite make it although I did manage just under 5k words for the week hoping next month will be better

2.  I will begin reading Udolpho again, it has sat waiting patiently while I recovered but if I do not get back into it now I will still be looking at it next christmas.

I have picked Udolpho back up not sure if I shall make it in time to post this week on the next part but I really do need to get back into it.

3.  Editing Counting Down for the WOCA Anthology the first notes came back just before my surgery and I have to say they were all totally fair points I read through and can see all the changes required, now just to sit down and get it done.

Not quite but did get it printed off and have manually edited it now just need to type up the new version

4.  Reading blogs! you know how terrible I have been lately due to various problems then my surgery there are currently 3,445 posts sat waiting to be read in my email inbox.  Obviously no way am I going to get them all caught up at once so what I propose is to try to keep up with your new posts then randomly knock off 50 per week from the total waiting.  This means reading between 5 – 10 extra emails a day which in theory shouldn’t be too hard lol but you will also understand why I havent been commenting as much lately as I am trying to get through as many as possible when I got out of hospital my inbox had nearly 6.000 posts in it the hundred blogs I follow currently are producing nearly a 500 posts a day and I am sadly having to reconsider how I cope with these as much as I don’t want to drop any I am beginning to fear I may have to.

Okay I admitted defeat and have deleted loads I am really sorry of I haven’t read anything you were really proud of or if I have missed any awards sent to me (I have a few in the process of being accepted still) I have also shifted the ones older than 48 hours to the archives and will move a few back to inbox at a time as I can to read them

5.  This is a personal one which is to get through another week cig free!  It is strange the first week which should have been hardest was relatively easy but I am finding it really hard now.  I know I do not need one but I really want one I know the actually physical craving has passed and this is mental but it doesn’t help.

Still cig free!!! It has officially been a month now and I have to say the smell of smoke now is starting to make me feel queasy which is a good thing.  I still want them at times especially after meals but so far so good big test will be next Saturday when I go on works christmas do!!!!!

This weeks goals…

1)  I shall be upping my word count for this month so I shall be aiming for 1,500 words per day including blog posts.

2)  Read The Clearing and get back to the publishers for Thomas

3)  Finish the edit on Woca story and get the email sent back

4)  Work on ghost stories and by end of next week decide if it will be ready for publication before christmas

5)  Have a great night out at my works christmas do, if you are lucky I will post a pic 😀

Have a great week everyone!

9 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up #3

  1. You are doing great! The cig free, you are so right this will be the test, I have absolute faith in you though.

    The blog read, you know you can only do so much. Do what you can and don’t feel bad.

    I sure hope you are feeling better!


  2. Good luck on the personal Nano. My wife was busy in November, so she’s doing her own one in December. As for blogs, I find that once I get behind, it’s hard to catch up. And if you’ve got 500 posts a day to read…wow. I admire you. 🙂 Have a great week.


  3. Congratulations on the cig free month, Paula! Well done!

    There’s noting worse than seeing all those emails from posts you’ve missed, but my suggestion is delete them all and start fresh! 😀


  4. Congrats on being cig free! My parents were smokers–HEAVY smokers–for over 40 years before they both quit. And they stayed that way. They both admit how much better they feel having done so.

    I know how you feel about the email box. Mine is flooded too. I kind of took off from blogging for NaNoWriMo, and I had over 600 unread emails. Just wipe the slate clean. I think bloggers will understand, family might not. 😉


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