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The Return of Udolpho

Well not quite, I intend to begin Udolpho posts again next week and hope that MsKatykins will be joining back in very soon, as it has been a while anyone wishing to refresh their minds as to our progress can find all the posts here.

I have started the new week with high hopes of finally being back in the swing although I have made a discovery which I hope will help me in the future.  What have you discovered you may ask? Well simple when it comes to editing windows 8 sucks!  I spent an hour trying to split screens between a fresh document to type up an edited version of my WOCA story and the version marked up for editing and it just didn’t work.  I realise that I need to print it off and actually scribble on the paper to get my head round it.  Now this may seem like such a simple thing but previously I have always managed editing directly onto the computer.  I am not sure if this change is to do with my standards getting higher or my medication levels getting lower either way I need to get some ink for the printer.

I also have some other reading to look forward to, I have nearly finished reading Chocolate for Breakfast by Martha Reynolds and have just received my beta copy of Thomas Rydder’s The Clearing then throw into the mix The Life of Pi which I would love to read before the film comes out here next month I shall have a busy month or so ahead but luckily I am still off work and reading doesn’t involve too much strenuous movement.

For those of you who loved my accent I have a treat for you, not only will I be doing my second video blog later this week but one of my favourite reality type tv shows here in the UK Come Dine With Me is actually showing a week of episodes from my home town so I shall share the link today then again at the end of the week when all the episodes are up.  You have to laugh at the people they pick for these shows to represent an area as they pick the strangest people and throw in one or two normal ones.

I have quite a busy week planned this week including the annual scrub down of the skirting boards in the living room (you know the one where you shift the furniture to try to work out how you fit the christmas tree in last year – don’t worry I am not doing the actual moving part).  I hope to really get stuck in on various things over the next couple of weeks so watch this space.


4 thoughts on “The Return of Udolpho

  1. Life of Pi is the strangest storyline I’ve loved. Tiger . . . boat . . . stranded at sea . . . I wonder how the author pitched that idea~! Let us know what you think of it. And, don’t bust a gusset moving furniture.


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