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Weekly Round Up #2

I am going to be totally honest my attempts at my goals were half-hearted and rather lacklustre.  I did a little on each but not enough to be able to claim completion so I shall carry them forward for the next week and hopefully I will now be back on track.

I have had a very strange week first physio took it out of me then I split part of my wound again – not much just the top bit but enough to hurt like hell.  I have spent most of the week feeling rather sorry for myself and being slightly self-pitying.  Now I have reached the point where I am annoyed at myself and have given myself a damn good talking to.  I really have nothing to feel sorry for myself about – the pain I have now is far less than before the op, my physical limitations once I recover will be limited to a few yoga poses I shall never bend into again but on the whole it will hold me back from doing nothing of any real significance.

You might wonder what the catalyst for this reflection on my pity-party was, well I saw my cat get hit by a car last night.  I had gone to the shop and she had followed me as she frequently does, however normally she does not cross the main road she sits on a wall and waits for me to cross back over.  Last night she crossed while I was in the shop and as I came out she ran past me heading for the road.  Time slowed down, I actually managed to stick a foot out and slow her as she dashed past, if I hadn’t she would have been under the wheel.  As it was the wheel clipped her and she flew into the air.  She must have used 8 of her 9 lives because she has come through the accident totally unscathed as far as I can see although she is still under strict observation and being kept quiet.

Life is just too short to hold ourselves back with negative thoughts and worrying about what might happen, better to knuckle down and work through the pain than let it consume you, and with that said I am going to write tomorrows post a very interesting DVD review…

6 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up #2

  1. I’m so sorry about your cat! I’m so glad she’s okay. Wow, nine lives is right. Hey, we can’t ALWAYS overachieve and I hope you’re not beating yourself up too much over it, it’s all par for the course right? I hope your DVD reviews are getting you back on track 🙂


    1. I only realised when I got up this morning and looked in my emails that I ha previously scheduled a post for today so you all got two for the price of one lol

      Cat is still a little subdued but she did give the puppy a good swipe this morning so she must be feeling a littl better because she is an older cat I did worry about the stress and shock once I was sure there were no physical injuries but she is doing okay still


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